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The trip from Tassie.

A quick trip, 36 hours in airports and planes. - aaarrrgghh!!

The travel 'business' - a vital piece of equipment.


Yes, it was this one and, our seats were 'downstairs' up the front. Yeah, still in economy class. Not too bad for leg room really.


At the time it all seemed pretty straight forward. No mishaps like missed connections or late departures and even our luggage arrived at Charles de Gaulle when we did, even if we did have to wait nearly half an our at 'le bagages carrousel'.

Then on to see our friends at Europcar. We'd come halfway round the world. We'd even pre-booked. Then a bit of reality. Yes we were back in France and no one gives a shit about customers. Eventually we got something resembling service and completed the rental process. Then the young lady serving us said, "these are your keys Monsieur, we have an Alfa Romeo for you". Now an Alfa had been ordered but no way did we expect one. Wow! Yes, that one in the pic below.


Standby for a few travel yarns and lots of photos.

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